How It Works

Dr Roller® has been found to be highly effective against all types of scars and skin marks; positive response from its users from across the world says it all.

The roller is highly rated for increasing the skin’s ability to absorb the nutrients made available by a skin-care product. The primary function of Dr Roller is to open up the pores of the inert skin so that the skin can produce collagen and elastin on regular basis. It has been proven through clinical tests that the collagen level in the skin of the user increases by a remarkable extent after each micro-needling session performed using Dr Roller®. Plus, the absorption of Vitamin C increases by 40% within a couple of hours of the dermarolling treatment, and the results are even better when derma serums are used in combination.

How Much Time the Skin Takes to Rejuvenate?

Everybody including the Dr. Roller® is often curious to know how much time Dr. Roller® takes to rejuvenate the skin. Though the results normally depend upon how severe or mild the skin damage is, you get initial results after a few starting rolling sessions only. Having said that -results from derma rolling can be visible in as little as 2 weeks.

Under normal conditions, the skin can renew in just 40 days, and regular dermarolling sessions are required for better and consistent results. The user achieves effective and satisfying results in about three to four months.

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