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With so many surgical and non-surgical anti-aging procedures for the skin, it often becomes difficult for people to decide which one to opt for. A procedure that has been grabbing the attention of an increasing number of people is Derma Rolling. The procedure uses a simple hand held device with over 200 micro needles on its head. When rolled on the skin, it opens the skin’s pores and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, which is the body’s natural anti-aging ingredient.

Derma rolling is a widely talked about anti-aging procedure. Popular TV shows are also giving it increasing footage. Here are two popular shows that covered derma rolling stories of real people:

Rachel Ray Show

One of the most famous talk shows of America based on food, the Rachel Ray Show also covers beauty and lifestyle in some episodes. In one such instance, Rachel talks about derma rolling through her “Human Lab” segment on anti-aging. Her subject Maureen is a 53 years old, and she tested derma rolling on her face to get rid of wrinkles. When she finally appeared on the show after four weeks, the results were striking. Check out the video to see the results with your own eyes.

The Doctor’s Show

The Doctor’s Show is an American talk show that is aired everyday in the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Mexico and Finland. The show once covered the Scientia Derma Roller and features the highest recommendations for derma rolling. The procedure can be used for treating wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and also hair loss. The show talks about what micro needling is how it works on the skin to create tiny pores through the skin epidermis and induces the production of collagen to boost the anti-aging process. Without pressing hard, the device is good for daily use and only then can it yield the desired results on the skin.

For more on this, check out the video below and find what the Doctor’s had to say about derma rolling.