Skin Cures - For Skin Pores

"Open pores" is a common problem with all skin types, mostly with oily skin. Actually, excess oil or sebum production results in opened pores that make the skin lose its elasticity and natural texture. Though open pores is a natural condition useful for the elimination of toxins and other wastes, it can be a serious problem when excessively enlarged.

There is no permanent remedy for open pores and ordinary toners and skincare products can make the situation even worse. So, if open pores are bothering you, your ultimate solution will be a thorough dermarolling procedure performed using Dr Roller, one of the top most roller brands.

How Does It Work?

192 medical-grade micro-needles that are gamma sterilizes do the trick and makes Dr Roller so effective against almost all types of skin damages, severe or minor. These needles come in different sizes depending upon the texture of your skin and what you want to cure (stretch marks, acne scars, wrinkles etc.).

You need to roll the roller over your skin gently and apply only as much pressure as it takes to prick your outer skin layers. This slight penetration will empty your clogged and enlarged pores temporarily for one hour or so. Though you may have a tickling sensation, the pinpricks will neither hurt you nor draw blood. The needles are finely designed to just puncture the upper layer of your skin that holds the dead cells that make your skin lose its luster.

When the surface of your skin is punctured:

•    Clogged and widened pores open up temporarily and get enough space to breathe
•    Your body responds by speeding up the production and supply of collagen and elastin to the treated area
•    Dead skin cells get removed and replaced by newly formed ones
•    The skin gets newer tissues to rejuvenate itself
•    Collagen and elastin help your skin fill up all the gaps that make your pores spread unnecessarily, and this is how you find the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and fine lines reduced.

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