Skin Cures - For Saggy Skin

With natural aging process and loss of facial volume comes saggy skin. And, loose or saggy skin is a very common problem among women, especially after pregnancy and because of obesity. The problem can’t be avoided completely, but can be controlled to a large extent with proper care and right treatment.
Although remedies are available, dropped and stretched skin takes time to firm up. Also, common skin treatments including liposuction are either costly or show temporary improvement. Dermarolling is one of the most popular remedies for dropping skin in modern times, which is cheaper than most other treatments and gives equally effective results.  

Dr Roller for Saggy Skin

Dr Roller comes in the form of a widely successful derma roller that uses no chemical or other elements that have side effects. It is a FDA approved dermarolling device having around 192 surgical micro-needles that are gamma sterilized. The needles are made of steel and finely designed so they can gently part your skin pores without doing any damage to the skin.

Once properly opened through needling, the pores are able to trigger the natural healing system of the body by making it permeable to essential nutrients present in your skin creams and moisturizers.

How You Get Results?

The best needle size for cellulite is 1mm or 1.5, and it also depends upon how severe or minor your case is. The micro-needles create multiple punctures on the saggy skin so your body can restore its self-healing system. Also, women accumulate a lot of fat around belly and thighs during pregnancy and this needling technique is specially designed to remove excess fat from the heavier areas.

The needle pricks penetrate through the loose skin without damaging the surrounding surface. This helps boost the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, the key elements that keep the skin tight and firm. Newer skin cells replace the dead ones and the number of collagen fibers increases as well. The sufficient concentration of collagen and elastin in the skin implies a stouter and healthier skin!

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